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Hmm? Ah! Lilo and Stitch have visitors, hmm? Well, a proper introduction is in order! I am Dr. Jumba Jookiba; evil genius, Kweltikwan resident of Little Girl's domicile, and creator of over 625 genetic experiments! Hmm? Oh, so you are for to learn more about my creations? Wonderful, humans who wish for to be making more creations like my own! So long as you credit me as your inspiration, we shall make great partners! *cackles evily* Um, I am being given angry look by Pleakley and Bigger Girl, so we shall have to be keeping this brief. Come, I shall bring you to my office.


Welcoming, my friends, to evil laboratory! ...Okay, is mainly my bedroom where I share space with one-eyed noodle Pleakley, but why to be splitting of hairs, hmm? Here, Jumba has archived every single experiment ever made/caught by Little Girl, and almost all have been converted from their formerly evil forms to good. Is a bit of a shame, I know, but is small price to pay to see my experiments roaming free again.

Regardingless, to avoiding becoming bogged down with too many similar creations, we'll be going in the order in which genius experiments were tame-ed. And not to be worrying about 626; we shall save my most successful creation for last!

So please, to be sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying this, a showcase of every grand experiment I have ever conceived!

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To properly organize the Experiments more effectively, I've made a new Wiki. But the rules still apply:

This wiki is dedicated to three things:

  1. Dr. Jumba Jookiba's entire library of Experiments (uploaded in no particular order)
  2. The artwork of Sketch Lampoon (Link here: https://sketch-lampoon.deviantart.com/)
  3. And most importantly, to the man behind Dr. Jumba, the sadly recently late David Odgen Stiers. Shine on, you crazy anti-hero, you'll always be MY Ohana!

In this wiki, there are a few rules, but most are just standard regulations.

  1. Be civil with each other; bullying is not allowed here. That is true evil, and not the good kind!
  2. If you use images elsewhere for this Wiki, please link to the original creator so that things are less strenuous with those who visit.
  3. You're allowed to make fan-made Experiments, but they must be well thought-out; so no Mary Sue Experiments that can do every single other Experiments' job better than they already can.

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"Admit it, Jumba may be bald, but Jumba is ALSO Evil Genius!"