Experiment 630 Dark End

"I will swallow your soul!"

Warning: Experiment 630 Activated!

Primary Function: End Of All Things


630 is so far the only Experiments not made by me, and made by evil woman with big ears that had Hamsterviel as lackey *chuckles*.  He/she (630 waffles, to be honest) is able to mutate into a second form with four arms, two long antennae, and three spikes on his/her back.

However, his/her eyes glow bright purple when doing so, and energy radiates off his/her body. He/she possesses Stitch's abilities of enhanced strength, invulnerability and fighting skills. He/she also possesses other abilities, such as creating faults in the ground, flight, teleportation, purple energy blasts and electricity.

One True PlaceEdit

I encapsulated 630 to prevent further destruction, and had Grand Councilwoman keep it in different cell than Hamsterviel, Leroy or any of their lackeys. Except Gantu and Rueben; Jumba felt bad for them being involved in half-baked schemes.

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Black (Non-canon, never really had a pod, but if 630 did...)

Gender: Male/Female

Voice Actor: Roger Craig Smith

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