Experiment 629 Leroy

"I'm the Pizzazz to Stitch's Jem, and only half as fun to work with."

Warning: Experiment 629 Activated!

Primary Function: Super Soldier


One could consider 629 (or Leroy as Hamsterviel had displeasure of addressing) as a carbon copy of 626 in all but coloration and destructive potential. The difference between him and 627 however is that Hamsterviel cloned them without need of 344!

One True PlaceEdit

It was a fierce battle in that football arena, but Aloha Oe (as cheesy as it may appear) saved our good Experiments from 629. From what I've heard, he is still doing time for nearly dooming galaxy.

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Blue (though movie never confirmed it)

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Chris Sanders or Vincent D'Onofrio

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