Experiment 627 Evile

"See ya 'round, cuz. You're welcome, but next time, ya won't be so lucky!"-Evile in one of his appearances in the anime.

Warning: Experiment 627 Activated!

Primary Function: Irredeemable Experiment


How does Evil Genius self describe 627...imagine 626, but increase the powers and evil ratio! Oh, and red coloring for extra zest. He was meant to teach 626 humility through example, and unintentionally helped Gantu catch Experiments.

One True PlaceEdit

Have not heard much from 627 as of late; he somehow became reactivated, and has decided to go on the road as a drifter. Said he gain-ed perspective when New Little Girl and yokai became a thing. He sees 626 as equal, and will not allow anyone to harm him but 627 himself!

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Blue

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Chris Sanders (or Ben Diskin or Jack Black, depending on what series you are to be speaking)

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