Experiment 626 Stitch

"Also cute and FLUFFY!"-Stitch, Lilo and Stitch

Warning: Experiment 626 Activated!

Primary Function: Destruction of Populated Areas. Weapons: Sharp Teeth and Strong Jaws for Tearing Stone, Metal, and Flesh, 4 Clawed Hands, and 3 Poisonous Spines. EXTREMELY DANGEROUS.


Aha! Perhaps Jumba's most successful Experiment thus created; what database would be complete without 626? The best way for to be designing Stitch was to be worldwide chaos bringer, stronger than Earth ant species, and virtually indestructible! *cackles* Sorry, could not resist.  

One True PlaceEdit

However, despite all odds against all odds, despite being designed to destroy all he touches, he found Ohana with Little Girl and Other Little Girl depending on series. And, oddly enough, so did I and Pleakely. Now, 626 helps Little Girl track down other Experiments running amok, and finding them their true place where they belong.

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Blue (though movies never confirmed it)

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Chris Sanders (or Ben Diskin or even Dee Bradley Baker, depending on what series you are to be speaking)

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