Experiment 625 Reuben

"Submarine sandwich, skipper?"-One of Reuben's many, many one-liners at Gantu's expense.

Warning: Experiment 625 Activated!

Primary Function: Destruction of populated areas


Ah, now here's an Experiment you can get along with, but not so much with the getting destructive results. What is wrong with 625, you ask? Well, he has all the powers of 626, but almost always refuses to use them. Incredibly slothful, he is at least good cook, able to make great sandwiches for-to-be eating during Evil Genius Creations.

One True PlaceEdit

After finally being reformed, he now works as galley officer for Galactic Fedaration's recently reinstated Gantu-turned-good. Seems fish-headed dummy actually grew fond of 625's egg salad.

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Blue

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Rob Paulsen

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