Experiment 624 Angel

"Meega tay Boojiboo!"

Warning: Experiment 624 Activated!

Primary Function: Turn the People and Experiments from Good to Evil with A Siren Song


624 may not be my most elaborate Experiments, but this is perhaps one of my most fiendish. She's able to turn normally good folks, Experiments included, to evil! Even affected Evil Genius self, is how effective she is!

So much so that she sided with Hamsterviel until she realized how much 626 really meant to her. This brings me to failsafe; to keep her from being too out of control, Jumba had the reverse be singing her evil siren song backwards. That, and numbers above 624 are completely immune.

Once 624 was fully told that 626 truly loved her, the two freed all other captured Experiments, and spent that very night on the beach. The two have been a couple ever since, and the wedding is due very soon, with 221 as 626's best man!

One True PlaceEdit

As cliched as it sounds, by 626's side as his lover.She's also a pop sensation across the galaxy, is worth noting.

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: White

Gender: Female

Voice Actor: Tara Strong

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