Experiment 619 Splodyhead

Ever wanted a walking sentry turret? Here's your best bet!

Warning: Experiment 619 Activated!

Primary Function: Plasma Fire Shooter


Yipe! Sorry for shriek, fellow evil geniuses, Jumba just got 'tease-fired' by today's Experiment: 619. Armed with weapon's grade plasma, this fire-shooting experiment was 3.0 in my attempts to make the perfect fire-spitting experiment similarly to plasma cannon. And oi, did it work!

I finally figured out what I was making with wrong-doing; I had been making the source not as plasma cannon-like, thus forcing the firepower to be not as adequate as the real deal. This, combined with a Kweltikwan Snot Hog proved to do the trickster! Oops, wrong Experiment! *cackles* Just a little evil genius joke, there.

Now, the one minor problem with 619 is that he always has had attitude problem, often shooting first and asking questions later. So as you can imagine, when we finally caught up to 619, he had made himself a little fortress out of an old seagull nest, and promptly tried to rain plasma fire upon me, Little Girl, 626, Gantu, 625 and Pleakley! It took our combine-ed efforts to douse his cannon fire and properly rehabilitate him.

One True PlaceEdit

Now reformed, he recurringly enjoys working alongside Little Girl and 626; from helping Surfer Boy with Tiki torch lighting, to being part of softball team with 608 and other experiments, to even helping to tame 523 when he was reactivated several captures afterward. Though, to this day, 523 and 619 still have friendly rivalry.

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Blue

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Frank Welker or Jason Marsden

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