Experiment 617 Plasmoid

"Scorponoid, TERRORIZE!"

Warning: Experiment 617 Activated!

Primary Function: Plasma Shooter


Aha, next step in fireball launching Experiments: Number 617! Consider him 609 2.0; with a more potent plasma ball, rather than mere fireball, and with much better splash damage/accuracy. Was created from studying habits of Earth scorpions, and combining it with the hardware of a plasma blaster. This was meant for to both give 617 a hard exoskeleton to protect against return fire, and also to amp up the firepower of his tail. As for 617's, main functions, he also has advanced program that allows him to shoot as accurately as the finest marksman, allowing him to blast away foes from up to 3 kilometers away!

Once learning human speech, 617 for some reason now sounds Scottish. Not certain why, but he makes great demolitions Experiment!

Sadly, I was rush-ed to bring it to life, so Jumba was not able to add signature additions: Two canon claws that would rapid fire like maddened gunslinger. This is not to say that Jumba is ashame-ed of 617, more disappointed at evil genius self. But I am digressing. 

One True PlaceEdit

Once save-ed during rescue mission orchestrated by Little Girl, is now with helping new Galactic Federation recruits in the art of plasma blasters! When not doing that, he also visits Earth as part time demolitions crew member; destroying debris, helping 606 with bigger jobs, that sort of thing.

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Blue

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Frank Welker or Nick Bakay

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