Experiment 615 Yogee

"I'm hungrier than the AAAAAverage Cousin!"

Warning: Experiment 615 Activated!

Primary Function: Consume All Edibles on Planet of Activation


Ah, now here is gluttony gone rampant! 615 was design-ed to eat the food supply of entire planets; restaurants, farms, grocers, you name it! He would only stop if he could be defeated in an eating contest.

When he was reactivated, many reformed Experiment heavyweights, including 601, 515, 513, and even 612 tried their luck, and all seemed to fail. That is, except for one brave soul willing to give it his all. No, not 626 (though, in fairness, I'd have guessed the same), but 586! Yes, despite being design-ed to eat metal, he had grown a fondness for actual food as well, finding it to be more satisfying. Thus, he managed to outweigh and outlast 615!

One True PlaceEdit

Humbled by his loss, Yogee volunteered to reprogram himself to so as to train others to refrain from meeting a fate similar to his; fat, and possibly given heart condition.

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Orange

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Noah Nelson

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