Jumba's Experiment File Wiki

"Say good night, furball."

Warning: Experiment 614 Activated!

Primary Function: Gunslinger


And here is, without a doubt, Jumba's fiercest experiment yet! 614 was designed to be the ultimate weapon specialist; the perfect gun-for-hire that'll mow you down first, ask questions never! *cackles* I was fortunate enough to create him with the DNA of a notorious Raptorian outlaw named Sniper Florensci; whom graciously agreed to have 614 be his legacy after he died, if ever.

And what makes him so deadly, I am hearing you asking? Well, 614 has one of the most advanced programs I've made; he can make a firearn out of almost anything, and even has two plasma blasters on either side of his head should one not be available! He is practically NRA wet dream, he is so savvy with them!

But of course, there was one minor flaw with the program; I had made 614 a little...too independent. He ditched me, and it took me and Dr. Hamsterviel two years to find him while still creating experiments 615-626! As such, the minute he was reactivated, he switched allegiances constantly, complete with Scottish accent.

It wasn't until Little Girl and 626 saved his life did he decide to ultimately begin the path of goodness, and was given a second chance by joining the Galactic Federation's armed forces as a weapon's expert. *chuckles* Nowadays, he has become for to be very busy, busting villains all over the galaxy; but every now and again, he stops by to help stop hairball Hamsterviel whenever he goes too far in scheming.

One True Place

Weapons Expert, and Member of the GFC's Secret Police. It's also worth noting that 614, 617, 619, 033, 609 and 544 are close friends.

Trivia Notes

Pod Color: Blue

Gender: Male

Voice Actor:  Paul Schoeffler (Potentially)