Experiment 613 Yaarp

"Stitch may be cute and fluffy, but I'M cute, fluffy and LOUD!"

Warning: Experiment 613 Activated!

Primary Function: Noisemaker


I have often heard of expression, 'White noise'. Well, this experiment has turned it from white noise to blue! 613 may look like the lovechild of a ram and a lemur, but this was first attempt to cause destruction with a powerful sonic blast. Said blasts can break windows, flatten buildings, and cause acute loss of hearing!

He can bounce on his tail like the Tigger creature, and causes such sonic blasts from the horn on his head. It is retractable, and sounds like a foghorn on loudspeaker! The only one able to properly tame him was, of all people, Pleakley, whom has found a way to surprise even evil genius self! He dubbed him Yaarp, after his home planet's word for big voiced local.

One True PlaceEdit

Now, this cuddly alarm system is now the local alien invasion alert. Poor mayor, thinking aliens won't invade... *chuckles* Of course, I don't want evil aliens to invade, but this is beyonding point!

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Yellow

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Jeff Bennett (or Sean Astin depending on which series)

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