Experiment 611 El Fin

"Hiya! Call me Fin!"

Warning: Experiment 611 Activated!

Primary Function: Ultimate Doomsday Device


And now, we are to be coming to my most fiendish of all experiments, even compare-ed to 627! 611 was originally suppose-ed to be ultimate doomsday device, by uttering a single codeword that only I knew!

There was only one problem....I forgot the codeword long ago. Fortunately, it was a codeword only known to those of ancient past, so as to be 'artsy', and I forgot it during drunken haze upon celebrating his creation.

One True PlaceEdit

As of now, 611 is effectively harmless, only dangerous if this codeword is ever said. So, Little Girl and 626 decided to let 611 roam free as he pleased, as he was effectively useless to both Gantu and Hamsterviel.

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Blue

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Doug Parker

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