Experiment 609 Heat

"Private EX-609 reporting for duty, CHIEF!" *salutes*

Warning: Experiment 609 Activated!

Primary Function: Heat Shooter


One of my more standard experiments, 609 was the first attempt to fire balls of flame out a gun/launcher-like body part. What looks like a large, black eye on his forehead is actually a powerful organ that stores heat from the sun sort of like the magnifying glass's light beam as it burns little insects.

This organ can store the energy under enough pressure, that it becomes a strong fireball aimed at whoever 609 likes! *cackles evilly* 

Oddly enough, he speaks in a voice similar to a drill sergeant. 

However, it takes a bit of energy to focus this energy, and it takes a bit to recharge, so this prototype proved to be ambitious, just lacking inexhaustible firepower.

Sadly, Little Girl and 626 never got the chance to save him during his reactivation; him, 617, 544 and 033 were taken in as Gantu's henchmen. They didn't have the chance to save the four in time, and it took some combined efforts to make it possible.

One True PlaceEdit

With him being saved, 609 has become a great pyrotechnic wizard! He's now working on end-of-the-year fire displays that can be as extravagant as any firework! When he's not doing this, he assists 228 and 619 on their respective duties. 

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Green

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Richard Steven Horvitz

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