Jumba's Experiment File Wiki

"Oh, d-d-d-dear, I shall be late!"

Warning: Experiment 604 Activated!

Primary Function: Invisibility Generator


Ah, here is both cutest, and also most unknowingly cunning Experiment yet made as profilings: Experiment 604. Design-ed to disguise soldiers and self by merely blinking its big, innocent-looking eyes. Despite such evil designs, he is actually fairly harmless creature in terms of combat; acting rather cowardly, and will make itself invisible whenever possible.

604 was design-ed from using software of cloaking device formulated by Galactic Alliance, and from multiple girly Earth shows my niece would make Jumba watch over and over like Crazytown. This gave Jumba idea to not only benefit armies, but also self so to would not be having to be seen, and therefore not watch bad programs! Only good one to come out of it was one involving Raven-voiced unicorn. But only because I liked her potential for destruction.

As stated, 604 is kind of a coward. He would rather become invisible and hide rather than fight enemies; but is less his fault and more evil genius self.

One True Place

Little Girl and 626 activated him to help with a magic act, but prove-ed to be too good at his job, turning the latter invisible. But do not be too badly feeling for 604; he was able to reverse 626's condition, and now does well as traveling magician for island dwellers. Especially when it's Little Girl's birthday! Combine-ed with 609 and 619's great fireworks displays, and you have a New Year's no one shall be forgetting...unless you were hit by 303, but that is whole other story.

Trivia Notes

Pod Color: Yellow

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Rob Paulsen