Experiment 603 Zap

'Just try an' keep up wit me!'

Warning: Experiment 603 Activated!

Primary Function: Living Laser Bolt


Aha! 221's final major breakthrough; Experiment 603, design-ed to be living laser bolt that will crash through anything and anyone in its way! *cackles evilly, then coughs* I really need to stop doing that.

Anyway, 603 is highly territorial, usually orbiting a certain portion of land that it was first activated from before moving on to a new area to expand on that turf. Unlike 221, 603 can do more than just cause power surges by shorting out devices, he can outright destroy said devices as though they were nothing!

Unfortunately, him, 390 and 567 were capture-ed during the 627 era; a time when Gantu gained a little traction in capturing Experiments. So despite being so swift, 603 was sadly caught, and imprison-ed until the rescue mission orchestrated by 626 and Little Girl.

One True PlaceEdit

Once released, I reprogrammed him to instead of causing destruction to devices, he uses his laser-like powers to forever charge electrical devices without need of batteries!

As such, he now works at local power plant, keeping generators running, and replacing old ones until new ones get installed. Occasionally, 221 volunteers when he gets day off from lighthouse, as power plant is also part-time banquet for both of them. *chuckles*

Triva NotesEdit

Pod Color: Yellow

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Frank Welker or Kel Mitchell

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