Jumba's Experiment File Wiki

*Insert cliched Jaws theme here. Evil Genius self too lazy to do so.*

Warning: Experiment 602 Activated!

Primary Function: Sinker of Enemies' Ships


Ah, 602, a fierce, shark-like Experiment with a fin sharp as the most powerful sword! Fiercely territorial, 602 was built to saw ships clear in half, sink entire navies, and hold breath for very long time. He remains in any body of water, for as long as necessary, until all ships in the are are sunk! Until captured, any ship in the Kauai'ian bay would be like bagel; sliced in half, and toast! *cackles evilly*

Dubbed Sinker by little girl, 602 may have intimidating fin, but has the body of a rather small fish. Sadly, that was compensation due to a lack of my desired Sawtooth Shark DNA I needed to properly complete 602. But the way he came out was just fine for the desired effect, so no biggie, as said by humans.

One True Place

Anyway, for those worrying about him attacking like fierce great white, not to be worrying! 602 only sinks boats, not people; he flatly refuses to kill anything that isn't a ship, boat, or even raft. Not only that, but he also makes some mean sushi, as we discovered after capturing him and letting him work at a local Japanese restaurant.

I gained the idea for such a fierce experiment from the phrase 'You sunk my battleship', and tested him out on some of ex-wife's old toy boat collection during after a spiteful attack from her the night before.

Ironically, despite sinking ships like a shark to fish, he's strictly a vegetarian.

Trivia Notes

Pod Color: Blue

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Frank Welker or Steven Blum