Experiment 601 Kixx

"Jumba said, 'Knock you OUT!' I'm gonna knock you OUT!"

Warning: Experiment 601 Activated!

Primary Function: Hand-to-Hand Combat


And here comes the biggest bully of the experiments: 601. Sole purpose to kick booty of...pretty much anyone he wants. Train-ed him in virtually every martial art known in the galaxy, and under most circumstances, is nigh unstoppable! *cackles* Oh, love it when self is particularly nasty...

Originally, I had design-ed him so as to get even with old business rival in Universal United Villainy Industries (or IUUVI for short); major bodybuilder, snob, and bully himself that could normally kick my patookie fifty ways to Christmas! Unfortunately, he got out of control shortly afterward, attacking even potential clients. Of coursing, this would not be allow-ed

One True PlaceEdit

Nowadays, however, 626 has helped him channel his fighting instincts to teaching others to beat the tar out of others. Like Gene Simmons meets Muhammad Ali, he trains fellow weightlifters in the art of martial beatings! Hmm? Eh, same thing, Little Girl. Now please to for to be silent, Jumba is busy speaking with new evil geniuses! *clears throat*

Sorry for interruptions. Now then, one final thing to be note-taking is that his multiple arms also come in handy with multitasking, able to both use mighty strength elsewhere, as well as decking oncoming rivals! *chuckles* Sometimes, Jumba wows even self!

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Blue

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Frank Welker or Phil LaMarr

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