Experiment 586 Tank

"I make Owen from Total Drama look anorexic!"

Warning: Experiment 586 Activated!

Primary Function: Metal Consumption. The Experiment Becomes Bigger with Everything it Eats


Ah, now here is Experiment that would be Apple and Microsoft's worst nightmare: Experiment 586!

Sole purpose is to devour anything and everything made of metal, and grows bigger with each feast! He was originally created from a bit of evil genius self's DNA with that of the rare ship-devouring parasite called an Engine Gopher, but didn't quite get the claws Jumba was hoping for.

Nonetheless, Jumba immediately set him loose upon the world...only to have him devour his transport off old lab! He'd have eaten whole lab had I not deactivated him immediately after! I then quickly added a failsafe to 586; after he reaches a certain size, he burps, returning to normal size.

One True PlaceEdit

When he was unfortunately capture-ed by Gantu, he surprisingly learned meditation, and through such, like with 323 and 303, was able to control his powers. As such, when he was finally rescued, he set to work at local scrapping yard, and along with 608 and 228, has earn-ed a living getting rid of metal and recycling his. How, I hear you ask? Well, before I let him become new member of scrap yard crew, I reprogrammed 586 one final time, so that once he's done eating metal, he spits out raw versions of the materials to be reused by recycling plants across Hawaii.

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Blue

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Frank Welker or John DiMaggio

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