Jumba's Experiment File Wiki

"You call down the thunder? Prepare to be SHOCKED!"

Warning: Experiment 567 Activated!

Primary Function: Storm Creator


Oho, now we are getting to really good sections of Experiments! Sole purpose of 567 is to create vast thunderstorms that can last for weeks; causing transportation, communication, and even most entertainment to come to a screeching halt! *cackles* 567 was design-ed from downloading some of the worst storms in recorded galactic history, as well as the rare, wingless flying dragon!

To be able to fly without wings, she has a specially-programmed current generator that allows her to make herself fly with just a gentle waft. She then hides herself in a big cumulonimbus cloud that forms rapidly into a great, big maelstrom! Or at least, she would have, had it not been for 627 and Gantu getting to her pod first.

One True Place

Hamsterviel quickly activated her...and promptly got zapped by her powers. Best thing Jumba can discern is that she knew working with him would be bad news either way, so she was immediately sent back, and broke out with the rest of the captured Experiments during big rescue mission.

During the search for her one true place, Little Girl noticed her Uncle Tony was beginning to fall behind on his work with a major drought on his sugar cane plantation. 567 rapidly went to work, making the entire farm prosper! Now, 567 is a drifter experiment, going to and from Kauai'i to help in watering dehydrated portions of the island wherever possible.

Triva Notes

Pod Color: Blue

Gender: Female

Voice Actor: Ashleigh Ball (Potentially)