Experiment 544 Thresher

"Oi, Stitch, 'eads up! *konks him out cold*"

Warning: Experiment 544 Activated!

Primary Function: Crop Thresher


Aha! One of my favorite environmental destructors! 544 was design-ed to cut down crops across galaxy, causing food shortages everywhere, and causing prices to skyrocket, causing hunger-inducing chaos! *laughs evilly, then coughs a bit) 

Like with 609, 617 and 033, 544 was sadly stolen and sold as a fancy-pants pearl in local jewelry store. Taken and put to work by Gantu, he likely learned after his defeat that working with fish-faced dumb-head was nothing but trouble.

One True PlaceEdit

Once rescue-ed by Little Girl and 626, he became foremost sugar cane harvester in all of Hawaii! The farming industry has never been more at its heights on Kauai'i, and 544 also gained a few jobs as a guest monster in local film productions that called for that which packs big punch!

Reminds Jumba of the late Harold Sakata, who played Oddjob in the film Goldenfinger. Hmm? Do not lecture Jumba, Pleakely, I heard name clear as decibel. *ahem* Apologies, Jumba has bad habit of getting sidetracked in these events. Regardingless, Jumba created this mighty crop-chopper from the Moontopus, the same species I had used to create Experiment 489, as well as added the behaviors of a Crop-Lopper to help in 544's primary function.

Final noting; it seems 544 has slowly picked up a Cockney accent from watching Mary Poppins.

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Red

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Tom Kenny

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