Experiment 540 Phoon

Ever heard of getting killed with kindness? Well, this is getting killed with CUTENESS!

Warning: Experiment 540 Activated!

Primary Function: Creates Typhoons


Name is cutsie way of saying, 'Anger this Experiment, and expect to be in Spain in just a manner of 5 minutes!". Created from the DNA of a tapir and a blowfish, and combined with the inflation abilities of a set of bagpipes, 540 can inflate herself and blow out a great gust of wind; a sort of upgrade from the bellows-style headcrest used by 533.

Normally, she is cute and harmless, however, so never fret of her truly turning evil. ...Unless you are like me, and you accidentally mutate her into an even bigger monstrosity. In which case, flee while you still can!

One True PlaceEdit

With all that lung power, 540's calling was obvious; to be wind for surfers on the beach uninterested in 520's big waves.

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Blue

Gender: Female

Voice Actor: Tress MacNeille or Grey Griffin

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