Experiment 537 Rust

"To make bubbles with our spit?"-Wakko, Wheel of Morality.

Warning: Experiment 537 Activated!

Primary Function: Metal Oxidation


Ah, now here is truly evil Experiment! 537 blows bubbles that cause any metal surface they come into contact with to instantly become covered in rust!

I got the idea from ex-wife's Oldsmobile, or the Kweltikwan equivalent, the Old Fashionabile. Do not to be looking at me, I didn't come of with the name!

One True PlaceEdit

Fortunately, I've reprogrammed 537 to eat rust as well as make it, so he now works as the mascot for a brand of anti-rust wax known as Rust-Away.

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Orange

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Dee Bradley Baker

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