Experiment 533 Blowhard

Seems we found not just a cousin to Stitch, but a cousin to Dumbo as well!

Warning: Experiment 533 Activated!

Primary Function: Big Blowhard


Appropriate name for appropriate powers, I'd say. 533's main purpose is to immobilize victims and objects with his ability to blow air out his trunk.

What looks like a crazy headdress is actually specially designed lung, capable of inhaling more air than a sperm whale does in one dive, then blows it out at such a rate as not to launch them into the stratosphere (No, that comes in his successor, 540), but enough to make them unable to attack anyone.

One True PlaceEdit

Speaking of 540, the two share a close kinship, taking shifts in giving people a more land-based parasailing experience. Otherwise, he's one of Old Lady's 'cats', helping dry out her laundry. 

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Blue

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Nika Futterman

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