Experiment 529 Digger

"Somebody call an excavation expert?"

Warning: Experiment 529 Activated!

Primary Function: Digger


Ah, yes, one of my best attempts at making an experiment that can do all kinds of chaos for the planetary underground! 

529 was design-ed to dig and drill countless holes through a planet's inner parts! The idea was to disrupt internal planetary actions by making enough holes to make a world collapse in on itself! *cackles evilly* 

However, the experiment had one minor flaw; it could dig deeply, yes, but his tail is not durable enough to reach further than the Earth's mantle. Suppose it is my own fault, though, as Jumba wanted to make 529 using the rare Granitedillo and Porcudrill as bases, but the latter became extinct before I had the chance to get my hands on the former.

But do not be thinking he is harmless now that he has been repurposed for mining and such sundry things; he still has urges to dig wherever he goes, so those walking around Kokaua Town should thing twice before haplessly traipsing through the woods. *sinisterly chuckles*

One True PlaceEdit

On the upside, Little Girl found 529 relatively easy to tame; convincing him to use his digging abilities to help rather than hurt, even saving 626 from Gantu during his capture that fateful day. And now, 529 has been hired on for help in construction, mining and archaeological excavation all over Kauai'i. 

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Red

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Frank Welker or Gregg Berger

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