Experiment 523 Slushy

"Friends call me Snow Miser, whatever I touch... Turns to snow in my clutch! I'm too much!"

Warning: Experiment 523 Activated!

Primary Function: Freeze Inducer


Brr, it's getting colder in house...that can only mean one thing: 523 is here! I created this mighty blizzard maker from the recordings of every snowstorm that was considered the worst in all the galaxy, some ice from both Europa and Pluto, and finally, the DNA of a Plutonia 4 Eskimoro Rat. 

All of this combine-ed made 523 perfect for turning hapless planets into massive tundra lands, freezing entire planets into submission! This prove-ed especially prominent when he went up against 626, and the previously rehabilitated 619. The latter put up a good fight, but 523 quickly gain-ed upper hand. It was only after 626 conquered fear of snow did 523 truly reform.

One True PlaceEdit

Now, he has become a seller of fine shave-ed ice, along with 344, whom cuts the calories down by duplicating them. 523 has proven to be a valuable asset, though, as shown by his assistance against the army of Leroys, and his charity work with 020. However, 619 and 523 still have a friendly rivalry, and will often spar for fun when not at work.

Triva NotesEdit

Pod Color: Blue

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Greg Cipes

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