Experiment 520 Cannonball

"Nanachu!" "Oh...NAM Nanachu!"

Warning: Experiment 520 Activated!

Primary Function: Creates Giant Waves


Ah, this big posteriored experiment is none other than Number 520. I was true evil genius self that day; 520 turns any body of water into large, destructive wave! If he was ever tempted to go into the ocean, would make wave so big, whole planet would be destructed! *cackles* Sorry, I still love that idea to this day...

Anyingways, 520 especially loves saying the phrase 'Nanachu', as it's Kweltikwan for his own dubbed name, 'Cannonball'. And of course, I created this bouncing imp to get back at old school rival in swim class, whom at this point is 5 time gold medalist at galactic swim championship. *sigh* Those were the days...

But back on to 520, despite his destructive powers, he's a lot like 033 and 604; not even per se, more misguided and naive. He behaves quite a bit like a little kid, especially when about to make a splash. So, as you might have guessed, he and 626 hit it off right away. Surprisingly, he is quite self-conscious about his large posterior, as he wonders sometimes if it truly is that noticeable.

He has helped fight foes on multiple occasions, especially when he contributed in the defeat of Gantu when 626 rallied other Experiments to rescue us from the grip of 029's powers.

One True PlaceEdit

Nowadays, he hangs around the north shores of Kauai, making great waves for surfers, just being a likeable buffoon.

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Blue

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Tress MacNeille or Justin Shenkarow

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