Experiment 515 Deforestator

"Buzzsaw Louie? Looks more like Raggedy Ann and a Ken Doll's lovechild. I'm a real Buzzsaw...anything!"

Warning: Experiment 515 Activated!

Primary Function: Deforestator


Ah, the raspy-voice-ed, chainsaw of an Experiment! 515's name was obvious from the get-go, considering he was practically built to tear down entire forests in little time. He was created, of course, from multiple buzz saws, as well as the fearsome Manglioid of Fouridian 4, and a bit of Earth panda DNA.

One True PlaceEdit

Surprisingly, though, 515 was relatively easy to tame compared to the other Experiments, easily cowed by 626 after a quick rampage. This is likely because I was able to develop a program that has him be a bit more sympathetic than most of my creations in terms of who is superior.

I would have added this to other creations, but was accidentally deleted by 201 during cache clearing. *chuckles* I was angry at her, but also could not help but for to be laughing.  Anyway, now, 515 works with 441 at local logging company, helping to make lumber easier top obtain, while 404 and 567 volunteer to help speed up tree growth, but we shall get to them a little later.

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: White

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Frank Welker or Phil LaMarr

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