Experiment 513 Richter

"One could say I'm ahead by a tail!"

Warning: Experiment 513 Activated!

Primary Function: Geological Destructions


Aha! Now we get one of my more destructive creations; 513, design-ed to create vast earthquakes! Created by combining extinct Ankylosaur of Earth with Kweltikwan Tail-Slammer, he looks for the most active fault-line within a planet, thwack it with his tail! Said tail is so strong and powerful, it could split whole planet in half!

Is also surprisingly swift for something so big and bulky, I must say. But 513 does more than simple smash and smack, he's also especially strong! Able to lift up to 20 times his body weight, he's great for helping in construction work, as we discovered after an attack by Experiment 606. But that is for another time.

One True PlaceEdit

Now tamed, 513 now using his tremendous strength to be a makeshift milkshake maker. Though to die for, they have been known to splatter back in ones face from over-shaking, however. 513 has also done great work to help protect his new home; saving it from Dr. Hamsterviel on multiple occasions, including an all-out brawl against his army of Leroys! Don't ask, it is long storytelling...

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Blue

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: John DiMaggio

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