Jumba's Experiment File Wiki

"Feed me Li-Mour! Feed me all night long!"

Warning: Experiment 509 activated!

Primary Function: Sprout into an Uncontrollable Forest of Destruction


Now this early elemental series experiment, you'd swear he came straight out of sci-fi horror film! 509 was design-ed to be ultimatum device in similar veins to 611 and 607, turning into an uncontrollable forest of citizen devouring destruction! Also great for vases and window boxes, incidentally.  

However, this can only occur if 509 comes into contact with specially formulated fertilizer I had concocted shortly after his inception. That, and 509's forest has one weakness, and it is a real biggie! If the original is capture-ed, even at ultimate size, all others die off!

On to design, I had created 509 from rare species of Kweltikwan weed called the Kweltikwan flyrattrap, which are vast-producing, and devour local flyrat populations. Just do not have them on front lawn, they will kill grass as major nutrient hog!

One True Place

I had originally managed to find 509 and hide him where not even Little Girl could find him, like with a few others that fell to Earth. Sadly, this did not last long, as 509 quickly took hold of orchid competition! Once contained atop giant pineapple water tower, however, he was tamed and retained.

So far as Jumba can tell, 509 seems pretty happy these days, getting daily nutrient supplements and water from townsfolk to keep him functional.

Trivia Notes

Pod Color: Blue

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: CeeLo Green