Experiment 501 Yin

"Absorbent and Light-Blue and so tentacley!" 501 Yin!

Warning: Experiment 501 Activated!

Primary Function: Water Sprayer


Well, this was certainly an act of coincidence only rivaled by the Hasagawa incident! 501 was activated about the same time as 502, and each had different abilities that complimented each other chaotically. In this case, a water sprayer that can grow like a sponge to about twice her normal size. 

She can only be stopped by cutting off her water supply, as well as tying up her hose-like tentacles to disable her attacks. Both 501 and 502 interact with each other constantly, especially involving 626. Often, she'll help both 502 and 626 whenever she can; likely due to how early they were activated compared to the other Experiments.

As for her design, 502 was inspired by the amphibious Frog-Squid from Leichi 2, able to spray strong quantities of water as an act of self defense. Oh, and if this sounds repetitive to 502's file, this is because they have about the same outcome in terms of reformation.

One True PlaceEdit

Originally, I had thought that them coming into contact with each other would destroy Earth, but quite the opposite occurred! Upon firing it towards the ocean, the were, in fact, starting to make a whole new island! Both are fairly strong on their own, but combined, can also create a solid dome that can imprison oncoming enemies.

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Blue

Gender: Female

Voice Actor: Janice Kawaye (either Kath Soucie or Frank Welker depending on which series)

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