Experiment 489 Huggo

Ever heard of the touch of death? Well, this is the HUG of death!

Warning: Experiment 489 Activated!

Primary Function: Suffocating Victims


Ah, one of my more obscure creations: Experiment 489! Design-ed to cripple enemy soldiers by squeezing them with its strong tentacles; I had came up with the idea for this octopus cousin after family reunion fifteen years before 626's creation. *shudders* Take Jumba's advice, never let aunt Flunda Jookiba bear-hug you! Is like getting squeezed by suffocating sponge!

Family matters aside, 489 was created from the DNA of a Moontopus and a Water Constrictor; the former would later be used in the creation of Experiment 544, and the latter have a strong enough grip to kill the largest creature on their planet of Flouruscus 2: the Brontoslugus!

She was originally reactivated not long after the rehabilitation of 221, along with 455, 529, 202 and 390. When sailors first found her, many presumed 489 to be a Kraken of some kind, able to drag men to the depths of the sea! *cackles evilly* Sorry, I just love a good sea monster story.

One True PlaceEdit

Anyway, it took the help of fellow seafaring Experiments 602 and 501 to apprehend her, but 489 has now been tamed to be used as a Heimlich Maneuver instructor. Just don't ask her to hug you without something choking you; it's just as bad as Flunda's bear-hugs! *shudders*

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Red

Gender: Female

Voice Actor: Frank Welker or Cree Summer

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