Experiment 455 Mary

"Fancy goin' fer a bounce?"

Warning: Experiment 455 Activated!

Primary Function: Hip Checking Unwanted Guests


Ah, this one is one of my sillier creations; Number 455: Designed to disable targets by bouncing on them with her rubbery girth. Think like dodging ball, only vertically struck. *chuckles*

I had created this experiment mainly as an amusement for myself; I was bored one dreary Tuesday, and was weary of going into the same old routine with my creations. Hey, even the best evil geniuses can becoming listless.

So, I combined the bounciness of a rubber ball with cuddly Koalasphere to create something both evil, but also very fun to play with! Her bottom is as resilient as the strongest metals, yet as soft and malleable as rubber and plastic. The result is quite literally, in the words of Earthlings, a 'butt that won't quit'! Sorry, couldn't resist. 

One True PlaceEdit

Anyway, Little Girl caught on quickly to this, and also to that while mischievous, 455 is also highly affectionate. She'll often bounce on whom she considers friends, and will try to help them out if they're in trouble. With her great speed and bouncing capabilities, 455 now does community work, pounding fence posts, poles, and other such items down along with Experiment 033 for all manner of festivities.

The only thing that puzzles Jumba is the name; why Mary of all things, it seems kind of random... Eh, must be some Earth reference Jumba does not understand.

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Red

Gender: Female

Voice Actor: Tress MacNeille

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