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'''Gender:''' Female
'''Gender:''' Female
'''Voice Actor:''' Laurie Metcalf
'''Voice Actor:''' Ely Henry
[[Category:Red Pods]]
[[Category:Red Pods]]
[[Category:400 Series]]
[[Category:400 Series]]

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Experiment 415 Patter

Cute little sock-eating anteater, isn't she?

Warning: Experiment 415 Activated!

Primary Function: Single Sock Eater


Not much to say in talks of this experiments, regrettably. In drunken haze, Jumba made 415 to eat unwanted socks, even those on peoples feet!

One True Place

Surprisingly, the local laundromat has been dealing with a lot of socks being lost and never finding their owners. So, this was, how it is said, a Match Made in Andromeda Galaxy!

Trivia Notes

Pod Color: Red

Gender: Female

Voice Actor: Ely Henry

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