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'''Gender:''' Male
'''Gender:''' Male
'''Voice Actor:''' Frank Welker
'''Voice Actor:''' Jessica DiCicco
[[Category:Yellow Pods]]
[[Category:Yellow Pods]]
[[Category:300 Series]]
[[Category:300 Series]]

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Experiment 397 Spats

Them vermins is tough! They're from Texas!

Warning: Experiment 397 Activated!

Primary Function: Argument Instigator


Ooh, here is Experiment perfect for causing brawls! 397 was designed to cause unwarranted arguing among allies, causing chaos and inactivity with everyone else around them! He does this by zapping them with his cute, squirrelly tail.

Only way to make the arguing cease is for to make the arguers count to ten, dissolving their belligerence.

One True PlaceEdit

Currently, 397 has found home in professional wrestling circuit, making fights look more realistic. *chuckles* I still think they're fixed, but hey, what does Evil Genius know?

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Yellow

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Jessica DiCicco

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