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'''Gender:''' Male
'''Gender:''' Male
'''Voice Actor:''' Frank Welker
'''Voice Actor:''' Paul David Goddard
[[Category:Red Pods]]
[[Category:Red Pods]]
[[Category:300 Series]]
[[Category:300 Series]]

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Experiment 390 Slimy

"Don't be salty with me, it won't work on this slug!"

Warning: Experiment 390 Activated!

Primary Function: Slime Producer


Ah, one of my most deceptive experiments: Number 390! Design-ed to expel a disgusting slime that can cause psychedelic hallucinations in any living creature; that is, except for fellow experiments, whom are immune.

It did not come up when he debuted due to time constraints, but anyone brave enough, or foolish enough to touch the slime would trip out like someone smoking many of these 'toke' things that humans use. Not sure how one can smoke the slang term for a coin, but I am digressing.

390 is by far my most controversial in terms of execution, as I had created him from using an endangered species of mollusk on Gangre 8 that is often used as an edible narcotic. That was part of the reason why I was force-ed to deactivate him until his re-debut; bad press as a drug dealer meant no one would come near Galaxy Defense Industries beyond the truly scummy, and I didn't wish to bring forth that sort of crowd.

One True Place

Fortunately, I was able to reprogram 390 after being saved by 626 and Little Girl; now, instead of causing hallucinations, it instead can help one realize their imagination by activating the portions of the brain's creativity centers and putting them into overdrive. Think Picasso hyped up on coffee. His slime is also perfect for dunking pools, and thus often works with 322 at charity drives.

Trivia Notes

Pod Color: Red

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Paul David Goddard

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