Experiment 389 Facepainter

"Paint me a picture with your true colors!"

Warning: Experiment 389 Activated!

Primary Function: Shows Individuals their True Colors


Ah, here is one where even Mean Little Girl was taken aback! 389's sole purpose is to show the true emotions of others by painting duplications of who they really are within! This helps Mean Little Girl and her cronies think twice about Little Girl and 626, and helped mend the bond torn by pride in herself and her 'normality'.

One True PlaceEdit

Fortunately, he did not do this out of malice, which is why he was a failure in the eyes of Hamsterviel. But here, he now is free for to be making group therapy sessions with Pleakely and 319 to help keep fellow Experiments from relapsing, especially 199.

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Rainbow

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Eric Schwartz or Patton Oswalt

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