Jumba's Experiment File Wiki

"Fret not, buoys and gulls, Mackie Macaw and the Hammerheads are BACK!"

Warning: Experiment 375 Activated!

Primary Function: Spiritual Possession


Now, we come to one of my most invincible of creations; Experiment 375! *chuckles*

He was designed to cause chaos by possessing inanimate objects similarly to a ghost or specter, and he was very good at this! ...Too good! He quickly got out of control, so I was forced to deactivate him to avoid him blowing up my old laboratory!

Which wasn't easy, since very few things can actually harm him. The only way I was able to imprison him in a pod at all was thanks to some well-timed traps made of a special type of magnetic rock that tampers with 375's molecular structure: polaris rocks. But since they're only on the planet Polaris, and no polaris rocks were on Earth, this proved problematic when he was unintentionally activated not long after the rehabilitation of 513.

Heck, we did not even be knowing he was there until a day or two after activation! 375 has an advanced program compared to others; once discovered he would try to off those who had found him out. Hence why deactivating him proved...a big problem. I still haven't gotten the ectoplasm off the wall...

Going to 375's structure, he was constructed from the basis of an old horror film Jumba and ex-wife saw when we were in college. *chuckles* Tacky special effects, but Guro Nivonska was brilliant! 375 has the form of a hologram, but can manipulate objects through a specially formed prism found only in the crystal mines of Detrota 9.

One True Place

Regardless, it was a big hassle trying to capture him, and it was only after going to strange kiddie restaurant did 375 reform. Now, he sings for those who enjoy oddball tropical birds singing out-of-tune Elvis Presley hits. He has been rather tied with work, so he hasn't been seen much since, but he does drop by as Little Girl's pet doll on occasion for play dates.

Trivia Notes

Pod Color: Yellow

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Nancy Cartwright or Matthew Geczy or Carlos Alazraqui