Experiment 360 Drowsy

"Good night, friend. I will comfort you."-Rough translation to bleating call.

Warning: Experiment 360 Activated!

Primary Function: Sleep Inducer


Yawn Sorry for to be drowising off, fellow Evil Geniuses, but such is the power of 360. He is inspire-ed by old saying of counting sheep helping one sleep. Unfortunately, he did his job too well, and unless water is sprayed on the vicitm, they shall remain in this state of torpor! *evil cackle* Sorry, Jumba knows this sounds bad, but fear not.

360 is may be a sleep inducer, but he is not inherently evil. In fact, recent studies show that when he bleats, he's actually just saying "Good night, I will comfort you."

One True PlaceEdit

This benign nature has made him a must for Kokaua Town clinic, where he helps those dealing with insomnia get some much-needed eye-shutting.

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Yellow

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Tress MacNielle or Stephen Stanton

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