Experiment 345 Elastico

"Somehow, I'm still a better Joker than Jared Leto!"

Warning: Experiment 345 Activated!

Primary Function: Distraction of Hostile Forces


Ah, Experiment 345! One of my personal favorites of the 300's roster! Design-ed to distract foes by stretching like taffy, he was practically made for the circus-life! And speak of two devils, he was not only made from taffy as well as the great intergalactic circus star S.B. Grovaccio, but also was found in the circus by Little Girl and 626! In fact, he kind of already found his one true place without even trying!

One True PlaceEdit

Despite this, however, he does occasionally leave the circus to visit his fellow experiments. Most notably, when he helped in the liberation of Kauai'i from Gantu when he captured Experiment 029. 345 is also highly affectionate, giving rather affectionate hugs; and undoubtedly less dangerous than 489's, I can tell you!

Finally, it is also prudent to note that he also works in charity along with the circus, raising funds for cancer research.

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Green

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Jeff Bennett or Ethan Slater or even Tom Kenny

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