Experiment 344 Dupe

"I'm the original Yaarp, minus the foghorn noise!"

Warning: Experiment 344 Activated!

Primary Function: Duplication


This was one of my Experiments meant for the science portion, but was put on backburner in favor of others. 344's ability comes from his DNA. Said molecules come from the rare Duplication Lemur, and can make copies of itself to confuse enemies.

However, 344's capabilities are the true diabolical asset to this; can creat vast quantities of just about anything he aims his antenna at.

Unfortunately, it was a failure at its main function in making duplicated weapons. They were weaker with each duplication, making it impossible to be used practically in any warzone. Though on the upside, if one does this to a cake, it means fewer calories!

One True PlaceEdit

He works with with both Experiments 523, 016 and 062 to make low-calorie foods for those to be watching weight.

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Yellow

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Tara Strong or Liliana Mumy

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