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'''Gender:''' Male
'''Gender:''' Male
'''Voice Actor:''' Tress MacNeille
'''Voice Actor:''' Hynden Walch
[[Category:White Pods]]
[[Category:White Pods]]
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[[Category:300 Series]]

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Experiment 323 Hunkahunka

'I'm just a hunka-cuta-peckin' love!'

Warning: Experiment 323 Activated!

Primary Function: Makes The Victim Fall in Love with The First Person They See

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Ah, and now we come to the Cupid of Experiments: Number 323. Design-ed to be similar to colored horse show's love-poison, making lovebirds out of first person peoples' sees. Idea was to bring entire civilizations to lovestruck standstill, causing untold mayhem and madness! *cackles evilly, then coughs* 

Anyhow, To accelerate the process, 323 has been designed with the combination of the Earth woodpecker and hummingbird, along with some love-accelerating compounds Jumba had created to help ex-wife fall in love with me.

Sounds evil, I know, but hey, is how Jumba rolled. Anyway, the only way to counteract this artificial love is a splash of sea water to the face. Combination of love-inducing compounds and sodium chloride with water causes the hormones that control love to short out, breaking the spell. Simple to say, it makes you disinterested in love for a few seconds, long enough for the spell to ware off.

Sadly capture-ed by Gantu, 323 was making havoc with that idiot hairball Hamsterviel! *cackles* Experiment 120 gave Jumba surveillance tapes on way out of helping for to rescue other captured Experiments, and by the Crab Nebula, did there make with comedic goldmine! 

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Regardingless, this experience gave the young bird some perspective, which had him volunteer to be reprogrammed. Instead of making artificial love, he now only pecks those that want to fall in love, and can tell this by working at a local dating service as both a mascot and counselor. Little Girl, of course, acts as a kind of translator for 323, as he still mostly speaks Kweltikwan.

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: White

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Hynden Walch

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