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'''Gender:''' Male
'''Gender:''' Male
'''Voice Actor:''' Will Sasso or Jason Sudeikis
'''Voice Actor:''' Will Sasso or Jason Sudeikis or even Kevin Michael Richardson
[[Category:Red Pods]]
[[Category:Red Pods]]
[[Category:300 Series]]
[[Category:300 Series]]

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Experiment 322 Heckler

"Rubber-headed rubber fish? You call that a genius insult?! I've seen better digs in my vegetable garden!"-One of many of this author's favorite lines of his.

Warning: Experiment 322 Activated!

Primary Function: Bully. Undermine Enemy Morale With Verbal Abuse


Name speaks for self, no? But for elaborative purposes, 322 was designed to suck out all morale in entire armies by making fun of them. Sounds simple-nay, childish, but you'd be surprise-ed how well it works! This didn't give him many friends, however, and simple to say, he doesn't have many now, either.

One True PlaceEdit

However, realizing that without his comedy routine of heckling people, he is alone in world (his words, not Jumba's), he was given new opportunity for to better himself. Now, he works for charity alongside several other Experiments by being part of a dunking booth, encouraging them to aim better by heckling the thrower!

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Red

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Will Sasso or Jason Sudeikis or even Kevin Michael Richardson

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