Experiment 316 Morpholomew

It's the cutest pile of gelatin you've ever seen.

Warning: Experiment 316 Activated!

Primary Function: Shapeshifter


Ah, a perfect experiment for infiltration! Just give 316 any image of any one object, person or creature, and you become it! Only catch is you need 316's powers to revert to normal. Oddly enough, he was not made from any DNA from Earth creatures. Just some expired gelatin combined with Evil Genius self.

One True PlaceEdit

What better way to utilize shapeshifter in non-war environment, than to have him be part of costume shop to help folks impersonate dead celebrities like Elvis!

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Yellow

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Mark Hamill (or Frank Welker or even Bob Bergen depending win which series)

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