Experiment 303 Amnesio

"I'm not bad, I just look this way."-One of several one-liners Amnesio uses.

Warning: Experiment 303 Activated!

Primary Function: Erases Memories


Okay, eh, feel free to remind Jumba, what is 303's power again? Ah, just making with joking! He's design-ed to erase memories of anything or anyone it comes across. The main reason for this is not out of malice, unfortunately, but rather out of instinct; as he was created partly from firefly DNA, and is communicating through his eyes.

The only way to reverse this amnesiatic attack is to say a particular code word while he is in earshot. Sadly, coincidence and Murphy's Law prevented 303 from being rehabilitated right away. Although, *chuckles* he did make for some funny footage courtesy of 120's security footage!

One True PlaceEdit

Once he was reform-ed, however, 303 was thankfully reprogrammed to avoid any more accidental memory loss. Nowadays, he works with a local psychiatrist, both helping to forget certain memories when proven interfering in life (i.e. those with PTSD), and to help remember memories that were originally forgotten, also to prevent disasters later in life. Occasionally, he goes to hospitals to assist those who are being treated for Alzheimer's.

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Yellow

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Tress MacNeille or Yeardley Smith

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