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(Trivia Notes)
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'''Gender:''' Male
'''Gender:''' Male
'''Voice Actor:''' Frank Welker or Charlie Schlatter or Steven Blum
'''Voice Actor:''' Frank Welker or Steven Blum
[[Category:Green Pods]]
[[Category:Green Pods]]
[[Category:300 Series]]
[[Category:300 Series]]

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Experiment 300 Spooky

For a lizard blob meant to morph into your worst fear, am I the only one that thinks he's pretty cute?

Warning: Experiment 300 Activated!

Primary Function: Morphs into The Victim's Worst Fear


shudders Now, we come to most terrifying experiment of all, Number 300! Design-ed to morph into your worst fear, scaring entire populations into submission! I created him frombgbgvyygvnurh67nbfc5b crb76 sample of an old movie monster's slime residue I had receive-ed from one of my former college roommates, along with a program that allows him to psychologically analyze anyone he sees. Simple to say, he can search for your worst fear with his glowing, green eyes, and then morph into that fear in every way.

The only way to change his form is according to his will, or when apprehended. Which can be difficult, considering he is programmed with more forms than Hollywood has bad films! *cackle* However, despite his potency (not to mention, very convincing impression of ex-wife!), he is also rather cowardly, preferring to attack one at a time rather than a whole group at once. And when his attacks backfire, he attempts to retreat until truly captured.

One True PlaceEdit

But do not to be looking over shoulder all the time; 300 has learn-ed to use his power at the right place and right time, and has even helped 626 through these powers on multiple occasions. Nowadays, he has hidden himself in old, abandoned house, hired to scare the daylights out of people by any means necessary. He also stops by on Halloween night to attract trick-or-treating tiny ones. *chuckles* Never gets old...

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Green

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Frank Welker or Steven Blum

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