Experiment 297 Shortstuff

Think Mr. Krabs; only instead of a love of money, it's a love of what the Beastie Boys called "Sabotage"!

Warning: Experiment 297 Activated!

Primary Function: Sabotage Mechanical and Electrical Devices


Ah, perhaps one of my most paradoxical Experiments of all: Experiment 297! Design-ed to sabotage enemy weaponry, machines and other such electronics by infiltrating them and disabling them from the inside out! *chuckles* I got the idea from watching old videos of mercenaries disassembling their own weapons, then reassembling them in a certain amount of time. Keep in mind, there were the ones that craved the attention, regardless of their exposure to the public.

Anyway, 297 always had a bit of an inferiority complex due to his short design. In fact, he took offense to Little Girl dubbing him Shortstuff after capturing him. When 626 demanded to be bigger, 297 quickly got in on the act. He had the strength to attack towns like Godzilla, but was made from the DNA of the small-yet-deadly Venusian crab from Venus 1290. In short, he lacked the true smarts for his larger power.

One True PlaceEdit

But once truly captured after sappy message was told to 626, 297 now works as an amusement park attraction in local carnival. I've tried it a few times, and let Jumba tell you, even evil genius self can becoming impressed with Little Girl's outside-the-box thoughts. *chuckles*

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Green

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Nancy Cartwright

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