Experiment 285 Lax

"Zap-zap!"-Lax's catchphrase

Warning: Experiment 285 Activated!

Primary Function: Causes Victims to Abandon Work


Eh, Jumba has done enough for this blog, will be doing this one later... *laughing* Only joking, friends and potential evil geniuses! But, such is the power of Experiment 285, to make one completely relaxed, and forgo all responsibility! Was one of many first attempts to put a psychological spin to the scientific formula.

285's creation was made from macaw DNA combined with Musk Sloth of Urgroth 12. A stench so strong that it makes you forget all priorities and relax. The Sloths use it as a defense mechanism.

One True PlaceEdit

Fortunately, there are many pre-vacationer tourists uptight upon leaving flights, so his antenna ray can give them the true R&R, as they say.

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Green

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Kevin McDonald or Rob Paulsen

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