Experiment 276 Remmy

"I'm like a Smurf Freddy Kreuger!"

Warning: Experiment 276 Activated!

Primary Function: Dream Eater


He is designed to infiltrate victims' dreams and turn them into nightmares. Sort of like old horror film I saw some time ago. Nightmare on Oak Avenue, I think it was call-ed. Jumba knows what he said, Pleakely! You wish for me for to be getting stroke in the copyright!? *ahem* Pardon my anger, friends. Must be careful with Pai-man running rampant.

But, that is not worst of it. If the victim wakes up while Remmy is still inside, he will remain within his host's mind forever to transform all future dreams into nightmares.

One True PlaceEdit

After 276 infiltrated the dreams of Little Girl, I reprogrammed him for a virtual arcade game, where he can take people on fantastic journeys without causing nightmares.

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Green

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Robert Englund or Maurice LaMarche

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