Experiment 275 Tickle-Tummy

"Hi! I like you too!"-Tickle-Tummy hugging/tickling child with bronchitis in hospital.

Warning: Experiment 275 Activated!

Primary Function: Disable Targets Via Tickling


Aw, am remembering how adorable 275 is! Sole purpose is to tickle folks into submission, and is actually a rare Cuddlebear-Kweltikoala hybrid with the fingers of Coatihuggi. The Cuddlebear and the Coatihuggi are both from the planet Sweetheart, in the Andromeda Galaxy's far arm.

She was originally supposed to be a present for ex-wife; you know, before she became ex-wife. *Heh-heh* She was captured by Gantu by complete accident, and was released by 626 and several fellow Experiments.

One True PlaceEdit

As of now, she's been modified to show affection through hugging, kissing and cuddling, as well as tickling. She works at the local hospital, comforting those ill with her sweet nature.

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: White

Gender: Female

Voice Actor: Nikki Payne (or Cristina Puccelli or Kristen Schaal depending on which series)

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